Property List and Contact Info


Corporation Financed Properties in Travis County with Affordable Units*

*Please note: the Corporation does not own or manage any of these properties. To determine income qualifications and unit availability, please contact the property management directly at the phone numbers posted above.

Name Total Units Address City Phone #
Arboretum Oaks 252 9617 Great Hills Trail (map) Austin 512-346-4697
Argosy at Crestview 288 1003 Justin Lane (map) Austin 512-459-4878
Aspire at Onion Creek 264 2333 Cascades Avenue (map) Austin 512-855-6605
Eagles Landing 240 8000 Decker Lane (map) Austin 512-278-9300
Heights On Parmer 252 1500 East Parmer Lane (map) Austin 512-717-9112
High Point Preserve 454 9301 East Highway 290 (map) Austin 737-285-0830
La Cima 260 3200 Montopolis Drive (map) Austin Pre-Leasing
Legacy Ranch (Senior) 232 13527 Harrisglenn Drive (map) Pflugerville 512-649-2667
Limestone Ridge (Senior) 225 7011 McKinney Falls Pkwy (map) Austin 512-422-0213
McKinney Falls 312 6609 McKinney Falls Pkwy. (map) Austin 737-207-0512
Riverside Dwell 263 6507 E. Riverside Drive (map) Austin Coming Soon
44 South 275 4411 South Congress Avenue (map) Austin 833-698-0544
Terrace at Walnut Creek 324 8712 Old Manor Rd. (map) Austin 512-646-6005
Travis Flats 146 5325 Airport Boulevard (map) Austin 512-220-2638
Twenty15 288 2015 Cedar Bend Drive (map) Austin 512-960-3644
West Gate Ridge 140 8700 West Gate Blvd. (map) Austin 512-717-5706
William Cannon 252 2112 William Cannon Dr. (map) Austin 512-792-3534
Spring Villas 304 7430 Bluff Springs Road (map) Austin Under Construction 
Old Manor Senior 207 9425 1/2 E. US 290 Highway (map) Austin Under Construction 
Grand Station 216 16016 Bratton Lane (map) Austin Under Construction 
Southside Dwell 255 4515 S. Congress Avenue (map) Austin Under Construction 
Capitol View Flats 324 3600 E. Slaughter Lane (map) Austin Under Construction 
Enclave on Ross  288 4700 Ross Road (map) Del Valle Under Construction 
The Element 300 5724 E. Howard Lane (map) Austin Under Construction 
Agave East 240 7200 Elroy Road (map) Del Valle Under Construction 
Cypress Creek at Stoney Ridge 280 Elroy Road & Ross Road (map) Del Valle Under Construction 

Income and Rent Restriction Information

For apartment properties financed through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program and/or Private Activity Bonds, restrictions on tenant rents and incomes are required. Restrictions are generally a percentage of the Area Median Income (AMI) typically ranging from 30 percent to 60 percent of the Area Median Income. To view current income and rent restrictions by household size and AMI level, please see the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affair’s rent and income limit calculator for the Austin-Round Rock MSA.

Rental Assistance Information

At this time, the TCHFC has not received any funding for rental assistance programs. We will update the website immediately when a new program and/or funding is available.

Profiles in Success From Previous TCHFC Programs

Maria participated in the TBRA program for two years, calling the program “a savior” for her family. With the rental assistance and social worker support, Maria was able to complete her education. The single mom received her certification and now has a good job as a medical billing coordinator. Maria says, “I loved working with the staff. She [the case manager] was always there for me whenever I had a concern or question….[the] TBRA program has been my salvation when I had nowhere else to turn. I am truly blessed to have been selected [to participate]."

Nicole entered the TBRA program in May of 2012 and is a current client. As a single mother, balancing motherhood, a job and graduate school work was challenging, but she was making it. In May 2012, Nicole suddenly lost her job: “I never thought that I would experience this as I felt I had prepared myself with an education. TBRA has helped me keep my housing and custody of my daughter. 2012 was a difficult year for me and I couldn’t imagine where I would be now if it weren’t for the program.” Nicole continues to work with her case manager to reach her self-sufficiency goals, calling the program “more of a hand-up than a hand-out.” She gives her case manager, Ana, tremendous credit, saying working with Ana has been an empowering experience where she was always treated with dignity and respect. Nicole says, “The greatest benefit of TBRA is having the peace of mind that I can work towards my goals of self-sufficiency while receiving the needed housing support. This program has been a true blessing to me."

Loretta participated in the TBRA program for 15 months and credits the program making her more self-sufficient and financially sound. She is preparing to buy a home: TBRA “made this all possible by giving me an opportunity to get back on the right path financially after having so many problems….. I have been able to clean up my credit as well, which will help me in the present and future.” Congratulations on your new home, Loretta!