Culture and Education

Culture and Education

The Travis County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation (TCCEFFC) is a public, non-profit corporation that was formed on August 21, 2001. The TCCEFFC can issue taxable and tax exempt bonds to non- and for profit entities, and has authority to issue bonds statewide. Facilities that can qualify for financing under this Corporation cover a wide spectrum, including but not limited to:

  • Facilities for performing, dramatic, visual and literary arts
  • Facilities related to culture/history of races, ethnic groups, and national heritage groups
  • Facilities related to history, natural history & science
  • Facilities for health & physical fitness, public health and safety, and substance abuse counseling
  • Facilities related to conservation/preservation of the environment and natural resources
  • Facilities for child care, adoption, children's services, family counseling, and elder/disabled care
  • Facilities for scouting programs and retreats
  • Facilities to support agencies devoted to the eradication or amelioration of one or more diseases/afflictions affecting the health of individuals/groups within the community
  • Funding can also be used for housing and incidental facilities.

To Apply for Bonds

Application materials required to apply for the issuance of bonds by these Corporations are available below. Please contact staff with any questions.

Profiles in Success

Wayside Schools

Wayside Schools is a charter school in Southeast Austin that provides quality education to more than 600 students. In December 2012, the Corporation provided more than $21 million in financing for the renovation of existing facilities and the acquisition and fitting of new facilities for the rapidly expanding school. The financing included both taxable and tax-exempt private activity bonds as well as Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs).