Transportation & Development

Transportation & Development

The Travis County Development Authority (TCDA) is a public, non-profit corporation that was formed on December 17, 1999. The TCDA was organized under the State Transportation Code, allowing for generally broader authority than the other Travis County Corporations. The Corporation can issue taxable and tax exempt bonds to non- and for profit entities for nearly any task/role that promotes the common good provided it fosters economic development and/or creates jobs.

Financing from TCDA is ideal for mixed use projects which may not fit “neatly” under the umbrella of one of the other Corporations. The authority of this Corporation is statewide. Facilities/project types that may qualify for financing under this Corporation are broad. The following list is not inclusive but includes possible project types. Staff is actively pursuing financing opportunities that allow the TCDA to contribute to the economic development of Travis County. Please contact staff with any projects that may qualify.

  • Transportation facilities and systems
  • Research and development facilities and equipment
  • Most projects that promote economic development and foster job growth
  • Funding can be used to refinance existing debt
  • Educational facilities

To Apply for Bonds

Application materials required to apply for the issuance of bonds by TCDA are available below. Please contact staff with any questions.